Board Member

By: Robert Hendrix, MBA

So you decided to serve on a local non-profit board, you are excited to be able to serve an organization that serves your community and at your first meeting you sit down and wonder...What should a good Board Member do?

1.     Read the Bylaws -the Bylaws are the operational manual of how the organization will function, including the responsibilities of the Board and its relationship to management. As a board member, your fundamental role is to oversee the implementation of the not-for-profit organization’s mission.

2.     Understand all the roles of the Board - from President to Treasurer to Secretary. How the finance and other committees work and actively participating in identifying how your skills will best be used within them.

3.     Being an active participant - in board discussions, exercising independent judgment in decision making and being sure to ask questions so that you have a complete understanding of the organization’s financial picture.

4.     Be positive – Being an advocate of your organization is an important piece to helping it grow and to getting others know and support its mission.