Two New Medicare Taxes for 2013

By: Bruce Legawiec, CPA, Partner 

Now that we are past the midway point for 2013 it is a good time to review and update tax planning for the balance of the year.  There are two new taxes in 2013 that are intended to help support Medicare. Both taxes apply to "high income" earners only.
Medicare Tax on Wages
There is a new 0.9% Medicare tax on wages and self-employment tax in excess of $200,000.  (The amounts are $250,000 for couples filing a joint tax return and $125,000 if married and filing separately).  The additional tax is subject to estimated tax rules and must be withheld by the employer once the $200,000 threshold is met.
Medical Tax on Net Investment Income
This is a more complex computation and the tax rate is higher at 3.8%.  The tax is assessed once modified adjusted gross income exceeds $250,000 for a married couple filing a joint return, $200,000 for single filers and $125,000 if a married couple files separate returns.  Net Investment income includes capital gains, dividends, interest, rental income and income from annuities.  It does not include distributions from IRA accounts. 
These two new taxes for 2013 may result in unpleasant surprises in your 2013 tax bill.  
Now is a good time to review your tax situation with your CPA to know the taxes that may be lurking ahead for 2013
Bruce Legawiec is a certified public accountant and partner with Osborne Rincon, CPAs in La Quinta.  He can be reached at (760) 777-9805.