Do we have the correct auditor for your non-profit?

By: Robert Hendrix, Audit Manager

It’s that time of year again, the end of the year means it’s time to audit the financial records for your organization. Do we use the auditor, only because our bylaws say we do? Is this a hassle for your organization and you can’t wait till it’s over?

Although, the annual audit is not the most exciting time for most organizations, it shouldn’t be a time of fear and loathing. On the contrary, this is the time to reflect back upon the year and make sure the organization is on the proper path moving forward. 

Not all audits are the same and also, not all auditors are the same. 

  1. Make sure to check references and ask for a copy of their Peer Review (California requires that the auditors are audited as well).  
  2. Does your auditor have the proper staff to meet your needs? Are they trained with the correct amount of continuing education from Partner to Manager to Staff? Did you ask?
  3. Is your auditor a member of an organization related to your mission?

Make sure your organization has a plan on choosing its auditor. Having the correct auditing firm could help make this process one of opportunity for your organization and not one of dread.

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