Money Matters: How to Hire the Perfect CPA

By: Michelle Sierra, Accountant

Choosing a CPA to handle your personal or business finances can be overwhelming. But with all the recent changes in the tax law, obtaining professional guidance is more important now than ever. Find a CPA that will be a fit for you by following these 5 steps.

  1. Clarify communications. Whether you are on the go and prefer email, like to sit down one-on-one, or need that personalized phone call, make sure to let prospective CPA hires know the type of contact you require. Giving them an insight into your ideal communication flow is crucial to building a good relationship from the start.
  2. Name your price. Don’t be afraid to talk money! Whatever your price point, opening up this type of dialog with your prospective CPA will help them understand your budget. No one wants to deal with an unexpected bill! Remember, however, that this line of work requires a lot of knowledge and experience. If you want the best, you must be willing to pay for the best. But that doesn’t always mean you have to compromise your standards to get a good value.
  3. Set your service expectations. Make sure the firm you are vetting can handle all the services you require now – and possibly in the future. One easy tip is to take a look at the company website before making an appointment. You should be able to understand what a firm has to offer you, as well as which industries they frequently service. Full-service accounting firms are great for meeting all your needs.
  4. Establish your timeline. Let the CPA know if you need a short-term issue resolved, or if you are looking to develop a long-term professional relationship. It’s important to know that going short-term does not mean your CPA will provide you with a lower quality of service. 
  5. Get personal. Be fully transparent about your goals – personal and professional. You may be surprised at how much a CPA can help you expand your business or plan for your future. 

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